Hell's Gate & Mt. Longonot National Park

Siana Wildlife Conservancy

Great Rift Valley

Ol Pejeta Conservancy and many more

Tsavo National park is divided into two, Tsavo West and Tsavo East. It is the largest national park in Kenya once famous for its man-eating lions. It now provides luxury accommodation for viewing wildlife of all kinds including lions, elephants and many more. Tsavo West has volcanic cones, rock outcrops and two lava flows. The famous Mzima Springs is found in this volcanic zone gushing out about 225 million liters of water a day from Mt. Kilimanjaro. Contact Prestons Safaris for a tailor made safari.

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Naboisho Wildlife Conservancy

 Lakes Baringo and Bogoria are well known excellent birding in dry country Ecosystem. Prestons Safaris will arrange for a boat ride to watch birds, hippos and crocodile in Baringo. We will take you on guided birdwatching walk along the lake and the cliffs. At lake Bogoria we will show you over one million lesser flamingos forming one of the great ornithological spectacles of Kenya. This will be best place to find the greater Kudus and hot springs and geysers that erupt from the lake's margins. Please contact us to include Baringo and Bogoria on your itinerary.

Borana Wildlife Conservancy

Tsavo National park

Kenya has more parks and reserves that offer more for your safari. This includes Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Park, Kakamega Forest National park, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria and many more. 

Shompole Wildlife Conservancy

Found in the western part of Kenya,  the tropical like rain forest is Kenya's one true jungle. The forest canopy is a habitat for the Black and white colobus monkeys, red and blue-tailed monkeys, red legged and giant forest squirrels. It is a prime birdwatching territory with over 300 species including turacos, bee-eaters, and hornbills. Butterflies are also abundant. 

Contact Prestons Safaris for a tailor made birding safari.

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Contact Prestons Safaris for a tailor made dream trip at these Private Conservancies which offer walking safaris, night game drives, night walks, camel rides, horse rides, rhino trekking, sun downers and many more.

Laikipia Conservancies

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Other Parks and Reserves in Kenya

Masai Mara Conservancies

Kakamega Forest Reserve

The Great Rift Valley is a fissure on the earth's land surface which can be seen clearly from the outer space. In East Africa the valley is home to a chain of lakes with lake Tanganyika being the world's second deepest lake. Flamingos are like nomads in these lakes. The valley is also home for dozens of wildlife and considered to be the cradle of mankind. There are many Archaeological sites to be visited including the Olduvai gorge. Please contact Prestons safaris for a tailor made itinerary to see the Great Rift Valley.

Private Conservancies

Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria

Contact Prestons Safaris for tailored itinerary for activity holiday. Both parks makes a natural highway for both wildlife and people. Come walk, cycle, hike and rock climb among herds of zebras, giraffe, gazelles among others. 

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